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Security Camera Installation Project 05 Offices, Factories and Facilities

In the previous article, we looked at how surveillance cameras benefit small restaurant and business owners. Today, we will dive a little deeper, and find out how to plan the right setup for a working environment (Offices, Factories and Facilities). The takeaway here: a smart balance of traditional surveillance technology and the latest cloud video […]

Security Camera Installation Project 04 Restaurant and Retail Properties

In previous articles, we have demonstrated the effectiveness of monitoring systems within a residential setup. Today, we will look into how businesses will benefit from having a monitoring system. “Smile, you are on Camera =)” Most restaurant and retail properties are equipped with a reliable monitoring system for the rainy days. Here, at a popular […]

Security Camera Installation Project 01 Toronto House

It’s like anywhere else in this world, Canada is getting more unsafe. There are more and more burglaries. Methods to protect own properties needs to be considered. One of the best choices is you need to install security cameras for your home. (Security Camera Installation Project 01 Toronto House) We’ve been in security camera business […]


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