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How to set wireless connection to your wysLink cameras

Note: If this is your first time setting up WIFI connections with wysLink cameras, PLEASE make sure a network cable is connected to your camera.

Setup procedures

  1. After log into your account on wyslink.com, then launch “Channel Setting” from page “myHome”, or account combo menu.
  2. At channel settings dialog, select the channel the camera is bundled, make sure the camera status is “online” or “streaming”. Go to [Device Config], then choose WIFI on the left side.
  3. Click the “WIFI Scan” on the right, then wait for your computer to search for available wireless connections.
  4. Choose the SSID you want to connect by clicking it on list, then input the security key if necessary.
  5. Click “Set to Camera”, then wait for your camera to save the configure.
  6. Unplug network cable and power cable, wait for 20 seconds, then plug power cable again.
  7. Wait for another 20 minutes, by clicking the [Refresh], check the “Con. Status”. If it is “online” or “streaming”. Then you can go and enjoy your wysLink camera using a wireless connections.

How to find the security key of your wireless connection?

If you are using a router, and keep the default SSID and key, mostly the default SSID and key are printed on router label or contract document.

If you have ever used it on your computer, then follow the steps blow

  1. Click start menu, go to “control panel”, choose “Network and Internet”, click “Manage wireless networks” on the left. You will see all the WIFI connections you have used by this computer.

Or you can move your mouse to the right bottom of your screen, click on the network icon network_icon.

  1. Choose the one you are currently using, then right click on it, go to properties.
  2. Choose security tag, and click “Show characters”, your network security key will be shown.

To test the WIFI signal strength

Before you install the camera, it is better to check WIFI signal strength first. Besides the default WIFI connection tools installed on Android smart phone, there are free apps available.

For Android device:

You can click the link below for more information.


We recommend you using “WIFI analyzer” to check your WIFI at the location where the camera will be mounted. To have stable video streaming, it is suggested that the signal strength is stronger than-75dBm. Please be noted that video live streaming will use the internet bandwidth constantly, insufficient bandwidth may cause video streaming drops, or broken.

For iOS device:

Tap Settings > Wi-Fi and turn the Wi-Fi on, all available network will be shown with signal strength on the right side.


To improve the WIFI signal strength

At the case the signal strength is weak;

1)  Relocate your rounder

2)  Use WIFI extender

WIFI extender can relay the WIFI signal to far area. Here is the our experienced one

Maker: TP-LINK

Model : TL-WA850RE


wysLink Cloud Cameras for Home Monitoring and New Personal Gadget

The live video and previous 12 hours cloud recorded video (free service) are always available to be watched anytime, anywhere. Our Cloud Recording service automatically saves live video on a rolling basis for 12 hours( optional up to one month), by which you can keep track of activities, receive custom alerts, save and share clips. The camera is featured with Plug & Play.

No matter you put the camera in your house, office, factory, or move it time and time again, auto connection is guaranteed! You absolutely don’t need do hassle setups or network settings on your router. wysLink cloud camera is much more convenient than traditional IP camera! Watching live video is wonderful, plus watching previous 12 hour video which is useful, helpful and great!

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