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WHS Series Cloud Camera

WHS Series Cloud Camera WHS200 Quick Start Manual[PDF] WHS318 Quick Start Manual [PDF] WHS400 Quick Start Manual [PDF] How to Add cloud camera into a channel How to download wysLink Cloud Camera video to local computer Cloud-based camera vs IP camera Setup wysLink cloud camera with wifi setting Night vision video from wysLink WHS200[Video]

Add cloud camera into a channel

Please register your IP camera on wyslink.com following the next steps. 1.  Create an account on wysLink.com and activate it. If you already have a wysLink account, please ignore this step. Then log in and enter Live Channel Editor. 2. In Channel Editor, click the Edit Device button. Add Your Device: Input the last 4 digit of S/N and […]

How to Save wysLink Camera Video Clip at stage

Step 1: Visit http://www.wyslink.com, then click [My Stage] after login; Step 2: Double click to open the display window of the camera that recorded the video you want to save, then click [DVR] button to check the recorded history video; Step 3: Click on the timeline or drag sliders forward or backward to select the rough start time; Step […]

How to set wireless connection to your wysLink cameras

Note: If this is your first time setting up WIFI connections with wysLink cameras, PLEASE make sure a network cable is connected to your camera. Setup procedures After log into your account on wyslink.com, then launch “Channel Setting” from page “myHome”, or account combo menu. At channel settings dialog, select the channel the camera is bundled, make sure […]

Cloud-based camera vs IP camera

Cloud-based camera vs IP camera

First, Connection simplicity Cloud-based cameras are designed with simplicity and security in mind. They can only be accessed via a central web portal and not through a specific local IP address and port, which make them an ideal purchase for those who don’t want to worry about network maintenance. Once the camera is registered into the […]

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