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Cloud-based camera vs IP camera

Cloud-based camera vs IP camera

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First, Connection simplicity

Cloud-based cameras are designed with simplicity and security in mind. They can only be accessed via a central web portal and not through a specific local IP address and port, which make them an ideal purchase for those who don’t want to worry about network maintenance. Once the camera is registered into the cloud system, it is automatically connected. Even if the camera is moved from you home to your office, or router is changed, it always works.

The traditional IP camera requires user to set the correct network for properly usage of IP camera, which stops many users to use the IP cameras. Moreover, intended for remotely monitoring, user have to do port forward and DDNS setting, to achieve DDNS, the DNS server should be used, therefore user can access the IP camera and watch the live video. This type of camera has been outdated in the market.

In recent years, P2P IP camera get the large market instead of traditional IP camera.  it utilize the recent P2P (Peer-to-peer )network technology to allow camera communicates with other network devices like the PC, smart phone without complicated network settings. P2P technology can allow the IP security camera automatically penetrates your network firewall and obtain IP address itself, which means eliminate the network setting and no need to use server during the video watching, though server is used during creating the connection.

Secondly, Video Recording

As all videos of cloud camera can be stored in the cloud, users can access them quickly and easily from wherever they are; a similar customer experience to watch content on YouTube.

For IP Camera you need think about where you want to store your videos; for example, an SD card, local computer, NAS drive etc. Depending on where it is stored, you must consider that there is a possibility your footage could be stolen, overwritten orcorrupted.

Technically, it is deferent

In cloud camera, all video streams from your cameras go through the portal before arriving at your mobile device or personal computer. The Web portal acts as the intermediary, relaying video feeds and storing video clips to its own servers. Firewall cannot block the access. The security is boosted at server side.

In IP camera, your mobile device or personal computer will directly access the video from camera cross internet. The camera works as a HTTP server. The firewall of the router will block the access since it be interpreted as an unknown uninvited visitor unless some settings on routerare performed when install the camera. It is biggest hassle in IP camera. Next difficulty is that browser plugin software need be installed to watch the camera video.

Kytron technology was a supplier of IP cameras several years ago, experienced a big volume of technical support requestsfrom customersby connection problems caused router settings, router model changes. Thanks for our engineer’s long way efforts, now we created our wysLink video cloud platform, and provide the cloud based camera solution. Customer can setup the camera hassle-free, and watch the video just like watch video from YouTube.


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