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How to Save wysLink Camera Video Clip at stage

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Step 1: Visit http://www.wyslink.com, then click [My Stage] after login;

Step 2: Double click to open the display window of the camera that recorded the video you want to save, then click [DVR] button to check the recorded history video;

Step 3: Click on the timeline or drag sliders forward or backward to select the rough start time;

Step 4: For Windows user press and hold [Ctrl] key on the keyboard, for Mac user press and hold [Command] key, then click on the accurate video clip start time, and the right side of timeline will show the start time information. Release the [Ctrl] / [Command] key;

Step 5: For Windows user press and hold [Alt] key, for Mac user press and hold [Option] key, then click on the accurate end time; release the [Alt]/[Option] key, the exact video clip time information will be shown at the right side;

Step 6Click the [Clip] button, and wait for the video clipping process to be finished;

Step 7: Click [OK] button on the pop up window, the [Save] button will be enabled at the same time;

Step 8Click the [Save] button, to save the video clip to your PC or other storage devices. The default video format is flv file.

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