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Q&A about NVR, DVR

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1. Question:  ON NVR preview screen, why is only one channel with speaker icon displayed? 

The icon indicates the monitor which NVR connect to will output the sound from this channel.  To select the channel, operate as below from main menu

    Settings -> Basic -> Preview ( at left side) -> Audio Preview

Select Auto or one specific channel.

“Auto”  means the channel latest shown at full screen will be indicated.  When select a channel, the sound of the channel will be played from monitor speaker.

To preview with sound, the camera has to be with audio function.

2.  Question:  how to backup the video ? 

From bottom main menu

icon “Playback” -> “Playback by Time bar” -> Floppy disk icon ” playback” -> on the playback admin dialog

1) select the USB device from combo box  2) Select target channel   3) push “+” button to select start time and end time

push “Start” button to save out the video. the video is at file extension of “prv”. if the video recorder is at format of H264, AVI file format is available too.

To play the back up “prv video”, please install the play from from url

Video Player to play video backed up from recorder





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