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News and Press release
October 3, 2014 | Press Release

Kytron technology offers free 12 hours cloud video recording service.

Today, kytron technology corporation, an innovative cloud video solution provider for monitoring, media and digital marketing, announced that the wysLink Cloud video service offers 12 hours cloud video record to all of wysLink cameras without service charge.

Lawrence Chen, Kytron marketing manager, said, “ Definitely it brings the cloud camera with great value to customers. People know they can watch live video from network camera, but they cannot stay on the live video all the time. By providing the previous 12 hours video record free service, they can check the previous recorded video to know who came to my front todays, when kids backed to home from mobile devices. It totally change camera application experiences” . So far, the cloud video record service is a premium service, customer can select from 3 days, 7days or 1 month.

Kytron manufacture and sale the cloud based camera, and provide a central web portal wyslink.com for camera owner to watch live with simplicity. As all videos of cloud camera are stored in the cloud, users can access them quickly and easily from wherever they are; a similar customer experience to watching content on YouTube.

So far, wysLink.com offer premium services of cloud recording, customer can select from 3 days, 7days or 1 month. Today, by add this free 12 hours cloud recording, the company expect to obtain more customers to accept and try the new high-tech production, to increase the market awareness fast and broadly.

Kytron technology, focus on providing innovative video devices, cloud-based solutions and services for Video Monitoring, Team Collaboration, Media & Marketing.

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