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News and Press release
July 1, 2014 | wysLink news

Live streaming of “Miss York BBS” finals at “Taste of Asia”

Kytron technology succeeded on big event live streaming of “York BBS” finals at “Taste of Asia”, and the live steam was played on Yorkbbs.com website and our website wyslink.com. The streaming get several thousands concurrent viewers during the show, and replayed now. The stream is all platform supported where viewers can watch it from pc, mobiles with windows, android, or iOS.

Our teams was really busied on chat with audiences through Facebook,Tweet and WeChat during the event. Our audience came from Canada, USA, as well as from china.

“Miss YorkBBS finals” was one of art performs at Taste of Asia, one of an annual multicultural event hosted by the Federation of Chinese Canadians in Markham (FCCM).

“We have confidence in our platform, but the biggest worry was the LTE network traffic jams or crash during the events, since it is aired via LTE network which was troubled years ago caused by huge volume of access from participants.” Jett Wang, our system engineer, talked with organizer before the events. Thanks to the efforts of wireless provider, the signal and bandwidth was great during our event period.

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