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Security Camera Installation Project 01 Toronto House

It’s like anywhere else in this world, Canada is getting more unsafe. There are more and more burglaries. Methods to protect own properties needs to be considered. One of the best choices is you need to install security cameras for your home. (Security Camera Installation Project 01 Toronto House)

We’ve been in security camera business for years, already installed many cameras for our customers and got many thoughts about it. Now it’s the time to share you some ideas. The following project is the one we recently completed. We use it as the first blog of the security camera installation projects series.

This customer takes very good care of his house, doesn’t like drilling holes on the wall. He doesn’t want to open the drywall for fishing wires and paint after the installation. For such situation we decided to deploy powerline technology to provide power for the cameras and transmit the video data making the most of reducing the damage to the walls.

The house is about 4000 sq ft. We designed to install 5 cameras to cover the areas the customer cares about. Those cameras’ views will cover the driveway, the walkway to the backyard, the swimming pool in the backyard and the corner windows as well. Two cameras at the back of the house make up a crossfire to monitor the rear door. Since the customer required not to damage the wall, there are a small amount of cables running outside along the wall from 2 cameras into a small hole.

Camera #1
Located at the top of the garage. The view of the wide angle lens covers the entire driveway, the trees and lawn in front of the house, as well as the sidewalk. All cars and people passing by will be recorded.

Camera #2
Located above the front door. Visitors coming to the front door will be in the view.

Camera #3
Monitor the walkway to the backyard and the windows at the side of the house.

Camera #4 #5
Monitor the backyard, the swimming pool and the deck from left and right.

Basically, the property is entirely covered by the cameras’ views.

All the cameras are WHS318, 1080P, 90° field of view, SONY chipset, water proof, POE working with powerline technology.

The Network Video Recorder we used is 2TB, 8-channel supported. It will record up to 1 month.

The system comes with our free App. for android and iPhone users allowing them to remote view the cameras, take screenshots and record videos into the smart phones.

Satisfying customers with their budgets is our priority when we provide them home security camera solutions.

So here are the pictures:




security camera installation project 01

Security cameras record details, restore the truth and help to protect your properties.
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