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Security Camera Installation Project 02 Toronto Townhouse

Many people think about to install security cameras to protect their own properties. Some might be stopped by the high cost. Actually the cost really varies depends on the specific situation. It could be as low as only several hundred dollars. If you have a tight budget and need to have a good security camera system at home, you need to contact with us  for a perfect solution. In today’s case, only two cameras and one recorder satisfy our customer’s needs. (Security Camera Installation Project 02 Toronto Townhouse)

This customer lives in a townhouse where there are only two areas need to be monitored: the drive way and the backyard. After the investigation we found only two cameras would meet the customer’s needs. We chose the 2.8mm wide angle lens camera model WHS318, one for the front door, another one for the backyard. Only one of this model of camera could do the things which needs two other ordinary cameras to do. If we took ordinary cameras, we probably need two to make up a crossfire to monitor one area, but here since we used WHS318 we only need one to get the job done.


So we installed one camera at the top right of the garage. It would monitored the whole driveway, the lawn and the sidewalk. If one camera could solve the problem, why need two cameras. Having one less camera saves on devices and installation cost.

Looking from outside, all the cable were hidden. So there’s no need worrying about the cable would be cut. Even though somebody damaged the camera, the actions would be recorded.



For the backyard, we only needed one camera to monitor the back door.


The screen looks like the following picture


The network video recorder was connected to customer’s TV. By doing this customer saved money to buy a dedicated monitor. When the customer were home, she could watch cameras from the TV. When she was out, she could remote monitor from the smart phone or even took screenshots, recorded videos onto the phone. After installed the cameras, no matter what happened or whoever came to the front door would be recorded. Evidences are always there.

The system consisted of two cameras, one recorder, free PC software and smart phone App. The recorder had 1TB hard drive installed to record up to one month.

There was only one time cost for the system and no monthly fees. You could use this system for a long time without ongoing services fees.

If you need security camera system for your home, call wysLink.

Security cameras record details, restore the truth and help to protect your properties.

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