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Security Camera Installation Project 03 Rental Properties and Houses

Previously, we went through how to setup a monitoring system on townhouses. Today, we will go through how to establish a monitoring system for rental properties and houses.


What is this house like?

The landlord invested in a 6,000sqft house with 6 parkings. It is extremely hard to lease out such a big house entirely to one tenant, as it would require up to CAD$3000 plus worth of rent each month. As a result, the Canadian rental housing market exists a lot of similar houses with separate renting entities within each house. Separate rentals draws in individual tenants who are strangers to one another, as a result, disagreements are bound to arise. Be it scratches on cars outside parking, foods and items getting missing, tenants would always have a lot to complain to the landlord. Whilst searching for a way to resolve these conflicts, the landlord came up with the perfect solution — setup a video monitoring system across all common areas. But one thing is certain:


After initial consultation, our wysLink technicians recommended installing a WIFI IP camera across each corridor on each floor. This handy device is fully rotatable, audio recording capable, and can prevent mis-entering of rooms and breaking-and-enterings from happening. A wide-angle WHS318 is implemented to monitor the driveway, front entrance and walkway. In total, the entire plan costs less than CAD$1,000. Internal cameras require no behind-wall wiring — just plug into wall socket and use, thus perfectly preserving wall entirety. Now with a prominent camera installed in plain sight, no one will purposefully mis-enter other tenants’ rooms anymore.


The general playback and display monitor is setup at the main hall to allow public viewing. But a password applied on the device prevents unauthorized editing and deletion. The landlord is also capable of remote viewing via our smartphone app — available on both iOS and Android platforms. Equipped with both live-viewing and recorded playback, our state-of-art phone app is on par with the industry’s heavy-weights. As a testament to our commitment towards always providing the best service for our clients, all of our NVRs (network video recorders) are now mobile-history-viewing ready.

Weak WiFi signal is always a headache for big houses like this. Without a stable signal, picture transmission may be weak, shaky and sometimes even at loss. We would usually recommend a powerline or WiFi extender to ensure no such problems arise.

We currently employ TP-Link’s TL-WPA4220KIT powerline, a simple and yet highly reliable device.


(power source is hidden within the wall)

This camera is a P2P Hi-definition smart wifi camera.

camera1 20161104-4 20161104-3

A black version of the camera

camera2 20161104-20

With a wide-angle camera positioned at the front entrance, its capture range is 2x of that of a normal camera. Twice the range, half the cost.


Mobile display is nice and easy to operate. Adding new cameras and taking screenshots are simply just a few touches away.


With the arrival of cameras, tenants will inevitably become more cautious and respectful of public properties and neighbours’ privacy. Whilst monitoring systems does not translate to complete security, it offers valuable quality evidence to ease the investigative procedures. Furthermore, the mere existence of an all-seeing-eye will make everyone feel safe and more alert of their actions around the house. If you are currently renting out houses, why not consider one?

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