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Security Camera Installation Project 04 Restaurant and Retail Properties

In previous articles, we have demonstrated the effectiveness of monitoring systems within a residential setup. Today, we will look into how businesses will benefit from having a monitoring system.

“Smile, you are on Camera =)”

Most restaurant and retail properties are equipped with a reliable monitoring system for the rainy days. Here, at a popular local eatery, patrons can feel safe dining in knowing the are under the protection of theft. Should unforeseeable occasions arise, video footage can offer invaluable insight through the revisiting of the entire event. On the other hand, the knowledge of an active recording device will also encourage staff to be on their best behavior. With all honesty, surveillance at restaurants are not meant to monitor patrons. Situated at key locations, they are directed at the flow of traffic.

In this example, we installed 6 cameras. One is situated at the front entrance, to keep track of the in and outflows. In recent times, the front entrance screenshot of a woman missing in Markham is broadcasted across the city by the police.



The front entrance camera,


camera facing cashier station,


another at the kitchen


the remaining 3 are all located in the service area, facing key locations

r5 r1 r2-1

We have covered all areas of concern, with the option to expand coverage through additional cameras.

The final impression,


The receiver’s harddrive is 4TB large, capable of storing a month’s worth of 1080p HD footage.

Mobile apps supporting P2P remote viewing are also available, restaurant owners can monitor their stores at anytime of the day.

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