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Security Camera Installation Project 05 Offices, Factories and Facilities

In the previous article, we looked at how surveillance cameras benefit small restaurant and business owners. Today, we will dive a little deeper, and find out how to plan the right setup for a working environment (Offices, Factories and Facilities). The takeaway here: a smart balance of traditional surveillance technology and the latest cloud video surveillance technology.

It is always nice to have surveillance systems at work venues, especially those that entertain visitors and guests on a regular basis. As a preventative measure, the presence of security cameras provides a major psychological obstacle for prospective wrongdoers. Also, at the onset of an unpleasant event, video evidence can be a quick and efficient way of resolving any issues on hand.

Below we have a perfect example of how surveillance footage helped to solve a Toronto burglary case effortlessly.

The top priority of security camera installation is always to understand the client’s needs, be it the location to be monitored, the type of cameras, how wiring should be done, etc..

Commonly speaking, entrances front and back are always point of interest, thus the presence of cameras overlooking these areas are vital.

In this example, we installed a WHS400 – a rotatable, remotely controllable (via cellphone) camera is installed at the front entrance.


Whilst at the back, a wide angled WHS318 is implemented extend surveillance to neighbouring roads.


Inside, 3 cameras are utilized to eliminate all blindspots and ensure full coverage of the open area.

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Lastly, one more camera is strategically positioned to at the end of the corridor to prevent unnecessary peeking into private areas.


Aside from NVR (network video recording), all cameras have been upgraded to cloud storage, where a backup will always be stored in the cloud for easy access and video footage loss prevention. Although various firms across GTA offer video surveillance, wysLink proudly the only one that supports both local and cloud footage storage simultaneously. And we keep our promise!

Wherever you are, your peace of mind will always be with you.

Cloud monitoring screenshot:


Local monitoring screenshot:


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