Security Camera Installation In Brampton

We, wysLink Camera, are the leading security production provider, and installation company in Brampton Ontario and the surroundings, offering cost-effective video surveillance and security camera installation services for large-scale commercial, retail, industrial and other institutions.

Our development and engineering team can provide customers with all types of advanced intelligence security system solutions, customize cameras and system integration software to best match customer’s requirements.

Our installation team are highly experienced with all types of security camera installation in Brampton. We are experts in all the latest surveillance cameras, not only our own brand wysLink, but also cameras from most of big brand like Axis, Panasonic, HIKVision, Dahua etc.

We provide tips and technical support via the knowledge base, live chat, email or telephone, aiming to solve technical problems efficiently. We always keep stock for future maintenance, and maintain a system that can be replaced immediately if the camera breaks down.

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System integration

With many years in business of providing security systems for retail commercial properties, schools and factories  in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area, wysLink Camera  always focus on providing the best possible solutions for individual projects, and long term best services.

wyslink provide you all the options for all of kind of video security needs and let you decide which one is best suited for your business.
1) Single or multiple cameras with recording video on pre installed SD memory card, or with recording on PC by Camera video Management Software (VMS)

2) Complete surveillance system with video recorder.   Conventional Analog CCTV system / most advanced  network video system (wired or Wi-Fi)

3) Large scale surveillance system up to thousand cameras for multiple location, with video local servers and cloud servers, and intelligence video analytics and recognition.

The video, live or recorded, can be watched on
– at recorder locally
– at smart phone apps via internet
– on desktop computer via internet, show on monitor on TV

For the different sectors, we prepare a lot of cameras which can best match the special needs.
Technically, camera with fixed lens at 2.8mm, 3.6mm, 6mm are mostly installed, Some case like construction site or building outside, camera with variable lens is used, because of the limitation of camera installation position.  Since the installation cost take main portion of the project, most of customer select camera with highest resolution. Outwardly,  we have bullet, dome and turret type at diffent side for  different sector. As our experience
–  at mall or warehouse building outside, big big bullet type is preferred; 
–  at shop inside, big dome or turret is preferred,  and small bullet is better at casher area as it gives more flexibility to adjust view direction;
–  at restraint, and clinics, small dome and turret are mostly selected, to let customer do not feel uncomfortable;
–  at library or school classroom, small dome and turret are mostly selected;
–  at factory loading dock, metal dome or turret are mostly selected;
–  at construction site, dome camera with pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) function is best. PTZ function gives the flexibility to select camera location, and can select view target when it is wanted;

Our company

Since its establishment in 2007, our company has been engaged in  product development and sales in cloud camera,  surveillance camera system, and video image analysis. Our production is branded at “wysLink”, we develop the production,  directly monitor  our manufacturer partner to insure the production quality, and allow us to offer best prices in the industry. So we have confidence to have best technical supports, and best system compatibility guarantees for system upgrade changes in the coming years.

Professional Team

We provide professional installation for home and commercial properties in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area. By our many years sales and installation experiences, we have the confidence to provide the most suitable video surveillance solution for our customers, the best choice of the best camera installation location, and best cabling routes.   All of installation job have one year free guarantee on the labor cost,  and we provide maintenance services to our customers too.

All of our installation engineers are with work heights certificates,  license of scissor lift, and boom lift. All of them and the damage of your house which may incur during the installation are insured by liability insurance.

For more information and to book a free, no obligation security services consultation. You can contact us today at 1-800-896-2760

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