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Surveillance Installation for 5000sqft Mansion

Surveillance Installation for 5000sqft Mansion

Under the blistering heat of 34°C, we completed the surveillance installation of the entire system for this luxurious home. With a ear-to-ear smile on the client’s face, we felt a day well worth the work!

With a home 10x bigger than mine, this Torontonian client is certainly not one who is short on dime. However, we only recommended using 4 cameras on premise after an onsite analysis revealed this to be a relative simple job. With a wide angle camera at the front, the entire front garden is within view. The back garden is also covered with just a single high-position camera. Two regular cameras were installed on each side of the house to monitor activities along the sidewalks leading to the back of the house. The entire setup was tailor-made for the house, providing a cost-effective solution for the millionaire. In terms of wiring, powerline technology was implemented to ensure minimal alterations to the exterior decor, as well as to shield wiring from unnecessary winter chills. All cameras are 1080p HD, with local storage and remote playback. Should the client wish to upgrade to a cloud based footage storage service, a simple software upgrade will do.


The front garden camera, mounted atop the garage entrance.


The back yard camera is placed 20ft above ground, offering an eagle-eye effect on the entire garden.


Sideway cameras – simply does the job.


Screen shot of real life footage, mobile version.

Camera used: WHS318 – 1080p, 98° angle coverage, supports P2P (remote viewing) technology, as well as cloud uploading. The protruding design of the camera is highly visible, fending off any prospective crimes.

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