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DIY Package : HD Wireless Surveillance Camera System
IP66 Waterproof Bullet IP Cameras, Build-in router, Camera auto pair 

Wireless security camera system comes with 4pcs or 6pcs wireless cameras for Villa, Home, Office, Shop, Warehouse, Restaurant or other places. 24×7 hours recording & live surveillance.
With implemented technology,  the video is crystal clear and Stunning High defintion, even at early morning and dawn time. All Cameras are Equipped with Infrared Night Vision.They can Capture Clear Footage up to 65ft away in Pitch-black Darkness.

There’s so many to love

Full HD (1920*1080  or 1280*960 )

See everything that goes on at home in more brilliant detail

Loop Video Recording
Endless recording the video, erasing the oldest one and replacing it with latest. 1TB HDD pre-installed

Purpose-built Hard Disk Driver for video surveillance
Optimized for duty cycles as high as 95% writes, with drives typically powered on 24×7.

Night Infrared Lights
See clearly in the dark, with up to 30m night infrared lights.

Come rain or shine
IP66-certified weather-proof to stand watch for you from anywhere. outdoor, rain or shine.


Motion Detection
Get instant notifications sent to your smartphone

Independent Wi-Fi network
Implement with Wi-Fi router, Camera connect to this  directly. Stable network separated with home rounter wi-Fi

AirBridge feature to boost connection
A camera’s distance is too far for direct connection to NVR, can use the closer camera as a data repeater to bridge the gap.

Easy mobile view & playback
View the live or playback video any time anywhere.  take picture or video, save to phone directly.

Desktop Application
Monitor live video and get recorded video on desktop PC via internet.

Direct Wi-Fi Autopair System, Simple and Stable
Bandwidth Friendly Built-In Router
The NVR has its own built-in router which receives the data from the camera directly for the record.
No home router access is needed for the record. This prevents signal fail, reboot for reset, data overload, download/upload speed delay.


Enhance Wi-Fi connection
The camera directly connect to Wi-Fi router at recorder;
Camera connect to router bridged by other camera;
Using WiFi repeater (Option) .
Antena extender. ( Option)

View the live or playback video any time anywhere by mobile app “IP PRO”

NVR Thumbnail List                      Record Video View

All channel view ( top)  ->  

Single live view ( bottom)  ->

Select the package to match your need

1080 full HD, 4 cameras

HD 960p, 4 Cameras

 HD 960p 6 camera

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