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Cloud Camera for Home Monitoring and new person gadget

Why select our cloud camera?

#1 Always keep latest 12 hours video on server! Useful, Helpful and Great!

#2 Simple start! Just register to your account, no hassle setup.

#3 Auto-connection is guaranteed! Nothing to do with your router and networks.

Click Cloud camera vs IP camera for detail

Keep a Close Eye on Your Home

  • HD Video (720P, H.264)

  • Night Vision (10 ~ 60 m)

  • Support Wi-Fi

  • Send alarm msg or email

  • 12hrs Free video loop recording on your wysLink account

  • Local recording on SD card

wysLink Cloud Cameras for Industry

  • Up to 30 optical zoom

  • Night vision: IR distance up to 100m

  • Auto focus

  • Remote control

Our Services

Free Services

* 12 hrs loop video recording on wysLink (CVR)
* Apps for Android and iOS devices

Premium services

* CVR for each camera
* 3 days – US $ 4.00 /month
* 7 days – US $ 7.00 /month
* 15 days – US $ 14.00 /month
* 30 days – US $ 25.00 /month

wyslink wyslink

Cloud Video Recording (CVR)

  • CVR support to save up to 30 days video loop recording

  • Recieve alerts for motion by message or email


Wi-Fi Connection 

At home application, connecting by LAN cable cross walls and rooms is hard to be accepted, though LAN cable connected network tend to be more reliable and stable than wireless networks. Most of our cameras (Indoor and outdoor) are equipped with both of Wi-Fi function and wire connection. It offers more flexible to mount the camera at demanded location.

Connection is Guaranteed

No more issues with connecting to the Internet or having camera configuration hassles. In fact, when you purchase our camera, and let us know your account in wysLink.com, we can add the camera into your account. You just open box, connect the camera into your local network, the video can be watched right away. No matter you put the camera in your house, office, factory, or move it time and time again, auto connection is guaranteed! You absolutely don’t need do hassle setups or network settings on your router.

1280×720 Resolution

With an image size of 1280×720 pixels, video will be larger and clearer. This larger image means people, stationary license plates and other objects are easily discernible at reasonable distance.
Stay connected anywhere you go with the wysLink Cloud HD Camera – now offering real-time live video in high definition 720p resolution, previous 12 hours cloud record video.

Free App for on-the-go Viewing


Compatible with iOS and Android, the free wysLink apps have been provided. From the apps, select the cameras, control Pan/Tilt and watch recorded video on server.



( *Get real-time notification on iPhone by red badge and sound )


Flexible Mounting

The attached camera mounting set is designed to be easily installed on flat surfaces, walls or ceilings using the flexible all-access point ball. This enables you to angle and point the camera in any direction you desire.

Your Video Safe and Secure

Our cloud camera is connected with our server by secured internet protocol and all of the access from PC or smartphone apps is through the server. There is no direct data transaction between client and camera. Therefore no transmit packets can be stolen by hacker. With server, much more security measures can be taken than with camera.
When robbery happen, your camera and pc may be stolen or destroyed and evidence video saved at local can be lost. However the video at our cloud server will be safe, nobody can steal or destroy it.
From each user account, account sign-in history and camera view activities are listed at myHome page. Once others get into your account or view your video, you will be aware of it at early time.

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