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Video surveillance system on the construction site

Video surveillance system on the construction site

As an expert in remote access control and real-time video surveillance, wysLink provides a more efficient and effective way to ensure and enhance the security of critical site sites.
Our special video analysis cameras and industry expertise allow us to optimize emergency response times, reduce false alarms, and give you control over how and when to access important information about managed attributes. We are proud to offer a higher level of on-site protection for our valued customers, with advanced security solutions available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is based on our company’s experience and credibility in the GTA region for more than a decade.



作为远程访问控制和实时视频监控的专家,wysLink为各种建筑工地提供最先进的24/7建筑视频监控。通过桌面和移动设备应用程序,客户可以方便地访问实时视频,和录制视频的回放。建筑安全摄像机可以最好地保护工人安全,建筑现场的安防,紧急情况提供即时软件警报通知。视频可以为执法人员提供可能的犯罪活动的实时记录,可以帮助阻止入侵者进入施工现场。wysLink可根据您的需求制定经济而实用的方案,为您选择各种远程监控设备,并提供安装服务。几年来,我们为很多建筑工地安装视频监控系统,并提供有关的各种服务。下面是几个典型事例,供参考。工地现场监控系统实列1 : 相机+录像机 (交流供电,有线网络); 住宅工地现场监控系统实列2 : 相机+录像机 (交流供电,有线网络);建筑空地监控系统实列1 : LTE相机+太阳能供电+视频相机本地录制+紧急视频远地云录制; 建筑空地监控系统实列2 :相机+太阳能供电+CPE网络接入+录像机 ;






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